Since 2018 Irish Wolfhounds, Meabh & Saoirse, are once again roaming the grounds of Bunratty Castle and Folk Park in Co Clare.

This is the most complete and authentic medieval fortress in Ireland and no 15th-century castle is complete without these iconic and noble dogs. There’s also a vast array of animals living in their natural environment in the park- everything from sheep, goats, and pigs to donkeys and free-roaming poultry.

Irish Wolfhounds were regular guests at Bunratty Castle from the early days of the medieval banquets in the 1960’s. The animals would roam the great hall and dining areas as would have been the custom in the medieval times.

They are known for being gentle, friendly and very intelligent, and they resided in Ireland long before the arrival of Christianity and the written word. Known in Irish as ‘Cu Faoil’ denoting bravery, the Irish Wolfhound is the stuff of legends.

Throughout history, the tallest of dogs has been a warrior, a hunter and a companion to nobility. Historically these dogs were used to hunt big game, such as wolf and elk, and they gained a reputation for unequaled valour. The Irish Wolfhound even participated in battle, pulling men off horseback to be slain.

They have great size, power and speed, and an adult weights about 100 pounds. Irish Wolfhound adult males can attain the stature of a small pony. Despite their size, these shaggy-coated animals have a peaceful and quiet personality. They are affectionate and love to be around people.

Meabh & Saoirse are proving really popular with visitors – Don’t miss them on your visit.!!!

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